Forgiveness Group, Monday 10/26/09

Forgivness Group, Monday October 19th, 7pm

During the discussion about forgiveness on the October 6th Happiness 101 class, it became apparent that several members of the group had things they wanted to share on the subject of forgiveness; things that were on an emotionally deeper level. Since Happiness 101 is a classroom format we decided to keep the class discussion more on that level. The students did express a desire for a one-time group, specifically to discuss forgiveness on the aforementioned deeper level. Therefore, on Monday, October 26th, we will have a group therapy session to address any issues related to forgiving others. This will occur at my office (220 East 3900 South #7) at 7pm. This will be a paid event (Happiness 101 is a free class). To make it affordable, I will charge my standard fee for the 90 minute group, however, the fee will be evenly split among the participants. So, if 12 people show up, they will each pay $10 ($120) or if six people attend, they will each pay $20. The students seemed to like and appreciate this out-of-the-box arrangement and I like it because it creates a natural incentive to bring a friend. As always, you may call 801-262-0317 for recorded information.

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