Positive #1 of 3: The Adventure of the Happy Therapist and three 4x4s: Wrong Turn

So, I am building a retaining wall in my backyard.  To build it, I needed three long posts.  So, I went to Home Depot in my wife’s SUV.  I knew when I bought the three 4×4 posts that they were not going to fit into that back of her vehicle; that I would I would need to leave the back hatch open.  So, I drove home via side streets.  I remember complaining in my mind “This is going to take an hour.” because I would need to drive slowly.  As I drove, I was struck by the beauty of the well-manicured lawns, the rose bushes and people who cheerfully nodded and waved as I meandered by.  I swelled with gratitude that we live in such an amazing country.  At one point I took a “wrong turn” and ended up on a street that formed a big loop.  An elderly jogger smiled and waved at his neighbor and nodded to me as I drove past.  There was something especially warm and friendly about “Wrong Turn Loop”.  My guess is that the only people that drive that street are people who live there (neighbors) or people who are lost (me).  I felt welcomed there and had a odd feeling that should I stop, I would be enveloped in it’s bosom for good.  I drove on, savoring the variety of the beautiful homes along the way.  I have always wanted a water feature for our home, so this home (pictured) gave me some creative ideas as well as ideas for things I might try at home.

(to be continued in part 2, Positive #2: The Adventure of the Happy Therapist and three 4x4s: Three Little Girls)

Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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