Positive #2 of 3: The Adventure of the Happy Therapist and the 4x4s: Three Little Girls

This is the 2nd part of my mini adventure of driving home with three 4″x4″ (by 12′) posts.  Click here to see first leg of the adventure.

So, I am driving along, so deep into a residential area I am a little disoriented but enjoying the slow drive to the hilt.  I round a slow corner and see such a sight, it almost seems like  mirage.  There, on the corner, facing me are three little girls.  One of them held a large, specialized balloon.  They looked as though they are waiting to welcome someone home but for a moment, it feels as though they are standing there just for me.  The middle girl raised her hand and waves.  I waved back.  It was a wonderful, surreal moment.  As I drove past, I was filled with wonder and curiosity.  I turned onto the next street when I realized what an amazing moment I just experienced.  I found myself wanting to go back for seconds.  And I did!  I wheeled around my wife’s SUV with an extra three feet of 4×4 post sticking out the back, making a U-turn to return to the corner.  I almost expected the mirage to be gone, but there they were.  I asked if I could take a picture and the result is what you see in this post.  I savored their smiles then waved and smiled goodbye and went on to the next part of my adventure with a song in my heart.

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Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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