Positive #3 Sue

Sue was a remote student 2 semesters ago. Every week I would check in with her and every week, with no excuses she admitted that she had not completed a piece of the home opportunities. It was not until the last night of class did I invite Sue to tell a little of her story. She was author reluctant because she did not want to complain. I invited her to stand in her power and tell her story not as a complaint but just state the facts.

Fact #1: Sue had cerebal palsy which caused her to walk with the aid of a walker.

Fact #2: Sue was on disability and therefore on an income that precluded her from buying The How of Happiness. She borrowed it from the library.

Fact #3: Sue had no Internet. She took the bus nearly every week to the library so she could watch the required videos. Of course she used her walker to get from the bus to the library.

Fact #4: Sue had a learning disability that made reading very challenging. She made arrangements with a tutor to sit with her each week and help her through the reading.

Fact #5: Sue was extremely patient, understanding and grateful to be allowed to take the class remotely from California. There were several situations that would have lead many to complain or express frustration (dropped calls, unable to see the white board, difficulty hearing what was being said). But Sue was gracious and good natured at every turn.

Fact: Sue is one of my Happiness Heroes. She certainly had several challenges that she could have used as am excuse. Instead she CHOSE to embody the very spirit of Happiness 101 by capitalizing on her many strengths (humility, gratitude, sense of humor, love of learning, tenacity and more) and focusing and what she COULD do, not what she couldn’t.

When Sue was done sharing her story, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We were all truly humbled by her grace and grateful
To have such an amazing teacher.


Frank~The Happy Therapist

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