Positive #1: Musical flow.

I bought a new guitar book today from B&N. It’s got some good stuff in it – Hit from yesterday and today (that sounds like a radio station tag line, doesn’t it? But it’s true). I had so much fun trying out different songs that two hours went by without me even noticing. I never thought that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” would find it’s way into a positive but it did. I laid the rhythm down with the looper then picked out the lead and played over the top of it. I would also include the fact that I appreciate living in a house (vs. an apartment or condo) so I can play it LOUD! That part is big enough to deserve it’s own positive though. “Flow”, by the way, is a term in Positive Psychology referring to enjoying something so much that you lose all track of time. What’s YOUR flow activity?

Frank Clayton LPC

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