New Happiness 101 class, new filing cabinet and the house was shown again today

Positive #1: A new class of Happiness 101 has begun. It is amazing to see such eager faces. ‘Ready to be happier! I am so excited to share the science of happiness and watching smiles grow broader. I was really impressed that this particular class had every single person signing up for the LIVE level of the Happiness Buddy program. A very good sign!

Positive #2 A few filing cabinet. I bought a new filing cabinet today. It was a great deal at D.I. for $20 and had everything I wanted including three of the metal runners (that the files actually hang from) and was as deep as my other filing cabinet. Having this new cabinet will allow me to get organized and tidied up the office surprisingly well.

Positive #3 The house was shown again today. Every day that it is shown gives me hope that it will sell sooner than later. I am glad it’s on Truilia and Zillow. Having people scheduled to see it, also inspires me to clean the house and that makes me feel good. I am also glad that today’s visitors kept the cat inside.

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