Ingress, Cake, Positives

Positive #1 Ingress!  I have been thoroughly enjoying this game!  It gives me something to look forward to, I get opportunities to get our and walk and also see parts of Salt Lake and Utah that I’ve never seen before.  It also gives me a chance to help team mates (in the broad sense) but also team mates (in the more personal sense).  It’s an international game, so I feel like I am part of something much bigger.  It also gives me a chance to use strategy and helps to keep me sharp.  ‘Love it!  

Positive #2 Costco cake!  ‘Went to a one year old’s birthday party yesterday.  The host really went all out.  I was quite impressed.  The cake was from Costco.  It tasted absolutely amazing!  Moist and delicious.   I enjoyed it so much, I took a second piece and raved so much the host sent me home with more.  Knowing that there is delicious cake in the world gives me something to look forward to – and I have found that that always helps my happiness.

Positive #3: Positives.  I have gotten away from doing my positives and have really felt it.  I am very glad to be back to doing them.  I can already feel a boost in my mood.  I enjoy the opportunity to ask myself “What’s going RIGHT?”  I also enjoy sharing my positives with friends both on and off Facebook.  It gives us things to talk about and often they will share what is going right in their life as well.  I’ve also received feedback from strangers that reading my positives helps them to see what is going right in their own life.  That’s a lot of pay off for a few minutes a day!


Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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