Irresponsibility, broken sprinklers and back-up drives

Positive #1: Irresponsibility.  Occassionally giving myself permission to be irresponsible means I get to PLAY.  It means I get to do only what I want to do.  Today I exercised my right to irresponsibility by CHOOSING not to go to my peer supervision group.  This allowed me some down time, some play time and a chance to be (dare I say it?) RESPONSIBLE in other areas (mowed the lawn).  Right now I’m going to be irresponsible by

Positive #2: The sprinkler system is broken.  I appreciate this situation because it gives me an opportunity to exercise my problem-solving skills.  Because of this, I tidied up the area in and around the sprinkler box – so it looks nicer.  It gave me the opportunity to go up and down the stairs a few times, thus getting a little exercise.  I will get the chance to use my Angie’s List subscription to find someone to fix it.  Finally, I will have the chance to put bread on someone’s table by employing them to take care of it.  I also really appreciate that there are professionals I can contact that can easily do what I either will or cannot do.

Positive #3: Back-up drives.  I really appreciate the back-up drives I purchased to keep everything, well, backed-up.  It’s great having two of them in two different places, so I know that even if there was a fire, one of them would survive.  This gives me peace of mind.  It’s also an ideal place to store all my music after ripping virtually our entire music collection.  If needed, they are also easily transportable and easy to plug into someone else’s computer.


Frank Clayton, The Happy Therapist

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