Happy to Announce: Action for Happiness!

Action for Happiness is a company in the United Kingdom whose sole mission is to spread Happiness across the globe.  … More Happy to Announce: Action for Happiness!

Six Things You Might Take For Granted

Article on KSL.com
Mike and JanetSALT LAKE CITY — Four years ago I called my best friend, Michael. We’ve known each other since grade school and made a point to catch up at least once a month. When I asked how he was doing, he said “Same (stuff), different day.” He was at work. He told me about how he and his girlfriend, Janet, had gone out to dinner and thought how she might be “the one.”

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The Happiness Diet

How would you like to enjoy your food much more while consuming far fewer calories?

Healing Arts Fair, Saturday July 18th

This Saturday, July 18th, The Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living is THE place to be for all things healing!

Learning about Happiness from an Expert (and I don't mean me)

‘Want to really learn about Happiness? Watch a child.

Diary of a Happy Therapist-First Caffeine Now SUGAR?!?!

Sugar can bring you up then let you down (crash). So, I’m cutting back – no sugar after 7pm