Unhappy Meal

Can diet and exercise effect your happiness?

happy exerciseCan some foods make us feel depressed? The answer is YES.
Conversely, can some foods make us happy? YES!

How about exercise? You’ve exercised for your health, but did you know you were also exercising for your MENTAL health?? Exercise IS the #1 Happiness Booster. Now, do some exercises make you happier than others?

Join us for Happiness 101 this Tuesday night (8/25/09) at 7pm.
Happiness 101 is a weekly FREE class about Happiness! Yes, a class about Happiness. ‘Don’t think you need a class on Happiness? Okay, here is a pop quiz: which will make you happier, winning the lottery or becoming parapalegic? (answer will be forthcoming)

Happiness 101 will be at 220 East 3900 South #7, Tuesday 7pm.
For recorded information, call 801-262-0317

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