When Hard Times Hit (Part 1 of 3)

When hard times hit, one can CHOOSE to go down the dark road or the road of hope. Which will YOU choose?

road less travelledTherapists, even Happy Therapists, have their share of knocks in life. We just have a bigger tool belt to deal with it and we know and understand what we are going through. That does not mean we get a free pass from going through it – just like everybody else. Last week my best friend underwent open heart surgery. He could live, or he could die. Just like everyone else, I did not know which way the pendulum of fate would swing.
We all know the “What if” trail. However, in all my happy research I know there is always a choice. So instead of taking the “What if”s down the negative road, I took the road less traveled, and it truly has made a difference. I played the “What if” game to win. I thought “What if he lives? What if he comes out of this with a new lease on life? What if he marries the woman of his dreams? What if he has children (which he has always wanted)? What if he becomes healthy and happy?” Now, this mental game has taken a little effort – but with a GREAT payoff! Yes, it is true. Those other things could happen. But he could just as easily go down the path I choose to envision. If one has the choice to dwell on the bad and feel bad or dwell on the good and feel good, why would one choose the former and ignore the latter?

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