Diary of a Happy Therapist, Jumping for Joy, Part V

After jumping (13,000 feet) for joy, Frank steps into a new, happier life.

Click here to see Frank skydive
Click here to see Frank skydive
This was the moment. All the journaling. All the work on Happiness had gelled in that moment. The full cognitive and emotional understanding: I am free. I am always free to choose.
I could continue to feed old negative beliefs or choose to adopt new ones. Right now. I could choose. The air was warm now. The colors of the land far below seemed more vibrant. My life changed. A new beginning.

Almost as if he knew what a moment of celebration this was, Fish put his hands over mine again and took us into a gentle spin. An aerial celebration! We played in the gentle wind. I breathed deeply my new life, soaking in everything. The feel of the wind and sun on my bare arms and legs. The interesting way the details of the ground slowly came into focus. The warble rush of the air was replaced by gentle whispering breeze. And my nostrils were filled with that distinct new life smell.

The end/beginning was near. In preparation for the landing, Fish instructed me to keep my feet kicked out in front of me as high as they would go. “Aye, aye, captain”, I thought. As we twirled for the last time, the ground crew rushed to meet us. With surprising gentleness we landed. Eager to celebrate my new life I stood straight up. I am taller than Fish, so I almost jerked the poor man off his feet. I muttered a quick apology and announced, “Woo Hoo!! I’m FREE!!!!!”

(one more installment to follow: Jumping for Joy – the Afterglow)

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