Gross National Happiness

The small country of Bhutan is modeling the way to a better life as a country with their Gross National Happiness.

Click here to see Bhutan's plan for GNH
Click here to see Bhutan's plan for GNH
The small country of Bhutan made a declaration that their country would foster and support their G.N.H. – Gross National HAPPINESS! There is actually a leg of the Bhutanese government dedicated to cultivating Happiness! Check out their website. Sangay Chophel, a researcher for the Centre for Bhutan Studies declared, “Five dimensions – giving and volunteering, social cohesion, safety, family, and duration of stay in the community have been identified as the determinants of community vitality, bearing in mind what is important for one’s well-being”. As part of their extensive studies, they have found social support to be immensely beneficial to the happiness of their people. The individual is supported by their family. The family supports the community. The community supports the country – and due to this rare governmental structure, the government supports them back.
While we do not yet have a federal agency dedicated to Happiness, we may start in our own backyard.

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