I’ll be happy when ______________

Myth of Happiness #1, “I’ll be happy when”

I’m sure you’ve said it at some point:
“I’ll be happy when….”

But will you? WILL you be happy WHEN you get the promotion, or find Mr. Right finally see the “right” number on the scale?

Some people even hang their “I’ll be happy when” on things that may have a long wait, has a slender chance of happening or may not happen at all. “I’ll be happy when the recession is over”, “I’ll be happy when he stops drinking” or “I’d be happy if I hit the lottery”. Happy money

“I’ll be happy when/then” is one of the myths of Happiness.

We have a “Happiness Set Point” and if we were an uphappy person before we hit the lottery, found Mr. Right or when the recession is over, we will return to our baseline of being unhappy.
The good news is there are many things you can do right now, TODAY that take little time and little effort that can help you start being truly happy – and not just for the moment but for the LONG RUN!

Debunking the myths and setting people on the true course of happiness is what Happiness 101 is all about.
Tonight, I offer a crash course in the basics of Happiness. Then every Tuesday for the next six weeks we will study the Happiness Habits offered by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book The How of Happiness. If you were ever thinking of jumping into the class, this would be a GREAT time to do it.

Happiness 101 is a FREE class about Happiness

When: Tuesdays 7pm
Where: 220 East 3900 South #7, Salt Lake City
Who: Frank Clayton, a licensed counselor specializing in Happiness will conduct the class

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