Happiness 101 Interviewed for Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield interviews Happiness 101 for the scoop on forgiveness and its relation to happiness.

I received a call from a freelance reporter named Gretchen Kilby from Portland, Oregon inquiring about Happiness! She said she had been enlisted by the good folks at Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield to write an article about Happiness and how forgiveness plays a part in that Happiness. As I am, myself, a provider at Regence and a big fan (obviously) of Happiness, I was only too happy to oblige. Ms. Kilby said she found me by researching Happiness on the internet and ran across the website (www.saltlakementalhealth.com). I was, of course, thrilled. She asked about the definition of Happiness. With the first day of the new semester still fresh in my mind (November 2nd), I excitedly quoted Sonja Lyubomirsky from The How of Happiness, Tal Ben-Shahar from Happier and Marci Shimoff from Happy for no Reason. The topic of forgivness too was still fresh since the class had a special group dedicated to the issue of forgiveness last month. Holding onto resentment or anger will obviously effect one’s contentment and bliss. We discussed how forgiveness is a process and how many make the mistake of attempting to forgive too quickly. It felt like all the air got sucked out of the room when, in Happiness 101, I suggested that students start by giving themselves permission NOT to forgive. Gauge your own reaction before you read on. Can you give yourself permisson not to forgive? By giving yourself permission not to forgive, you take away the “should” and invite choice. It was a wonderful half hour in which I got to talk about my favorite subject. Ms. Kilby also asked if there was a student I might recommend for an interview, that they may discuss Happiness 101 and the topic of forgiveness. I called my student and got his VERY enthusiastic permission to also be interviewed. The transcript and the audio file should be completed before this month is over. If you are not already on the list for the monthly newsletter, please E-mail me at frank@saltlakementalhealth.com This is a great day for our class to shine, shine, shine. Join us this Monday in Happiness 101 when we will discuss such important issues such as realism, purpose, potential and meaning (see upcoming events for more details).

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