What Brings You Happiness?

What brings you happiness? Money? Promotion? Fame? Beauty?

Money eyesWhat brings you happiness? Money? Promotion? Fame? Beauty?

No. Really. Think about it. Where are you spending your time? Does it match up with where your priority is? For instance if you are spending long hours at work, will the money you seek bring you happiness? If you are spending a great deal of energy to hit the big time – will that make you happy? In her book, The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky dispells the myths that fame, money and/or beauty will bring real Happiness. In fact, statistically the rich are less happy than the average person. Sure, being famous might have its perks but did you consider what it might be like to have your every move splashed onto the headlines? And beauty. When beautiful people were polled against people of average looks, there is virtually no difference in their level of happiness. Why? Because when asked if they are happy, they rarely take their looks into account. Think about it. If I asked you to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 how happy you are, would you blurt out a number based on your level of fame, beauty and socio-economic status?

What WOULD you base your answer upon?

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