Giving Your Life Meaning

What brings your life meaning? What are your goals to bring you Happiness?

In his book, Happier, Tal Ben-Sharer purports that to truly live a life of Happiness, one must find meaning. To completely live in the present, in his philosophy, is not sufficient for lasting happiness. Conversely, living solely for the future does not lend itself to long-term happiness. Happiness is obtained with a balance of the living in the present with an eye to the future.
What IS your purpose? How do you derive meaning in your life?
Many make the mistake of hitching their hopes of Happiness to money, prestiege, beauty or fame. These are extrinsic goals. Studies have shown these kind of goals offer little to our overall Happiness. Intrinsic goals, however, have a much better track record and include goals of internal satisfaction such as building relationships, bettering yourself and learning.
I hope this article will inspire you to ask yourself what ARE your goals? If/When attained, will they bring you true Happiness?

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