Happier 101

Happiness 101 is getting bigger!

Ace Test Prep
It was a great day in Happiness 101.
The class has been growing so much that we outgrew my space! Last week we had 13 people with a record number of new students (four). Seeing that the class was growing bigger than my waiting room, I talked to Brent Dunn, CEO of Ace Test Prep, one of my neighbors where my office is located. Ace has two big classrooms there where they help people get ready for the LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and DAT tests. When I explained my “problem” to Brent, he was more than Happy to help out. He really likes that Happiness 101 is spreading Happiness and that it is something people can get for free during these challenging times. This deal was struck merely two hours before students would attend the class. It turns out it was a good thing we had more space because we had a record-breaking 16 students in class tonight! That included THREE new students (thank you meetup.com. So, I wanted to publicly express my appreciation to Brent – THANK YOU, BRENT! I also wanted to say “thank you” to the students of Happiness 101. It is a great honor to share the scientific data behind true Happiness. I appreciate you spreading the word, sharing your smiles and being my teacher at times.
What’s next? I’ve applied to teach Happiness 101 at the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning Center and maybe, just MAYBE streaming the class live on the internet. Did I mention that in August Happiness 101 is going SKYDIVING? In any case, Happiness is spreading through Happy Valley.
Frank Clayton, LPC
P.S. Just a reminder that the Unresolved Grief Group starts Wednesday, March 3rd and the Forgiveness Group begins Wednesday, March 10th. Both classes begin at 7pm

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