The Happiness 101 Sky Dive – Part 1 of 2

The story of Happiness 101 going Sky Diving

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Something I talk about quite a bit in Happiness 101 is how there is good and bad in the world and invite students to make a conscious choice as to how much attention they will give each side (and of course the gray in between). I am glad to report that I am practicing what I preach. The Happiness 101 Sky Dive had some really great moments. It also had several challenges. I am going to CHOOSE not to list said challenges because I choose not to focus on the “bad”, but the good. However, before continuing, I would like to say that I learned many, many things from these challenges. So, it would be more accurate to say that I choose not to give these challenges my emotional energy but rather I learned what I could from them, took note of things to do (and not do) next time and move on. Now – to the good stuff!

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I feel very grateful for longtime student, Allen who single-handedly brought half of the jumpers – six in all. We also had three people go up as observers. After we got everyone checked in, we had friends and family gather around and wave posters of encouragement, give high-fives and whoop them up with shouts of encouragement. Because the plane is relatively small our sizable group was split in two. Allen and Paul were beaming with excitement – they had both been sky diving once before. Mindy was a bit nervous but smiling just the same, while her daughter, Cheyenne, rode up as observer. Afterward Mindy reported that the experience was “Awesome!” Paul was beaming after the jump but his beam was markedly brighter. He said he was really glad he jumped again. Allen said the second jump was even better than the first and wants to go again before the month is over.

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~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

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