Positive #3:

It truly made me smile when I saw that 40 people have RSVPd “yes” to the Happiness Social on Monday. … More Positive #3:

Positive #3: Suicide Prevention Week.

This is a week to remember those who have fallen to suicide. There are several programs this week to raise … More Positive #3: Suicide Prevention Week.

Positive #3: Broadview University.

They have agreed to host the upcoming class of Happiness 101. They have been very, very kind and hospitable. If … More Positive #3: Broadview University.

Positive #3: My inner critic.

I so appreciate that voice that says “watch out!” and “Danger!”. It uses past hurts as a guideline, advising me … More Positive #3: My inner critic.

Positive #3 Lisa Cypers Kamen

Lisa Cypers Kamen‘s screening of The H-Factor. I really enjoyed seeing the documentary again but the Q&A following was really … More Positive #3 Lisa Cypers Kamen

Positive #3 Nihilists

I love the nihilist that comes to see me. They do not enjoy the present and they have no hope … More Positive #3 Nihilists

Positive #1

Saw the¬†Mayor Peter Corroon today. He was at the open house for Optum Healthcare, the country and NAMI. One big … More Positive #1

Positive #3 A good night of sleep.

There is something about being completely exhausted and then getting a great night of sleep to satisfy that primal appetite … More Positive #3 A good night of sleep.

Positive #2 Brain Freeze

Just think of it: that particular sensation was never experience by our ancestors. They never heard of a Slurpee or … More Positive #2 Brain Freeze

Positive #1 Scorpions.

They are an important part of the food chain. They eat spiders. They evidently also serve as a source of … More Positive #1 Scorpions.