Positive #2: A system to get things done that works!

There are a few things I have been trying to make sure I do every day, but “shoulding” on myself has not been working. I am glad to say I have found something that works – a simple concept I learned as a kid: you don’t get to play until you get your chores done. So, I paired the three things I want to get done with three things I want to do. … So now I clean for at least 5 minutes before I play iPhone games, I journal for at least 5 minutes before I can go on Facebook (on my phone) and I check my to-do list before I do anything else on the computer. To make sure do this last one, I even changed the password on my laptop to special memory jogger to remind me. It feels amazing and empowering to know I have forged a system to make my life work.

Frank Clayton LPC

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