Connection to Others:Connection to Happiness

Social connection and how it plays a role in your happiness.

Click here to see Sonja Lyubomirsky on 20/20
Click here to see Sonja Lyubomirsky on 20/20
The focus on this upcoming Happiness 101 class is Social Connections. In the attached video Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky finds compares a set of twins. One of them is happy, the other is not – despite sharing DNA, being raised in the same household and living in the same town. The chief differences are: a positive attitude and social connections. Studies have shown that having good social support is one of the primary ways in which a person can achieve long-lasting happiness. You might ask, “What if I’m just not a very sociable person? I like to be alone.”? I say “Great!” at least you know what does not work for you. We are all social creatures but we are not all social butterflies. This is one of the wonderful things about Dr. Lyubomirsky’s book: it gives you a test to find out which Happiness Habits best suit you, then gives you more detail about each one of them and how to get the most happiness from your effort.

Join us this Tuesday (9/29/09) 7pm for to find out more about getting the most out of practicing acts of kindness and the science behind Social Connections and its importance to happiness.

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