Question: What does Heaven look like on a daily basis?

What does Heaven look like on a daily basis? Think about it seriously

What does heaven look like on a daily basis?
Even if you are an atheist, I am sure you could conjure up an image of the here-after (upstairs, not downstairs).
No, really think about it.
We have lots of different areas here on earth. How would it be in heaven? Finances. School. Occupation. Relationships (family, friends, spouse). Sex. Body. Do you have a home? How do you travel from one place to another? Is there drugs in Heaven? How about wine? TV? Cell phones? What possessions would we have and what would we not? Food for thought. Which reminds me to ask: is there food in your version of heaven?
The question (“What does Heaven look like on a daily basis?”) was one I posed to the students of Happiness 101 class on Monday night. They spent several minutes writing down their answers. It helped them learn a great deal about themselves. Heaven, after all, is the ideal happy life, is it not?
It is so important that you write down YOUR answer to the question before reading on, that I am going to refrain from posting the rest of this article for two days. Please check back after you have written your answer.

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