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Luckily I have dog drugs on hand for when my dogs allergies get to bad and she chews holes in herself. At least I can wait till morning.

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Took a regular yoga class tonight, my body is screaming for this stuff.

Positive 3

Made my 1st corned beef, carrots and fried cabbage it was very good.

By: Kathie

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Every year the University of Utah’s School on Alcohol and Drugs puts on a week-long conference. I spoke there last year at one of their break-out sessions and got invited back. I have found that in addition to writing, speaking is great fun. It breaks up the day-to-day routine nicely and always challenges me to keep my skills sharp. Thanks to Pamela Higgins for being instrumental in bringing me back.

Frank Clayton LPC

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Published on KSL
Let me start by saying a person should never, never, never go off their medications without talking to their prescriber. It is dangerous and potentially lethal.

According to the Behavioral Risk-Factor Surveillance System, Utah is currently the happiest state in the union. It is also one of the saddest. Utah sits right in the middle of the “suicide belt,” which stretches along the Rocky Mountains from Wyoming and Idaho, through Utah and Nevada and down to Arizona and New Mexico. As of 2008, the mortality rates gathered from the U.S. census indicated that Utah ranked ninth in the nation for suicides. In September 2010, the Utah Department of Health declared that Utah was the fourth greatest consumer of antidepressants in the nation with 12.71 percent of residents being prescribed antidepressants.

The problem is that these medications do not work on most of the consumers to whom they are prescribed. Continue reading Antidepressants don’t appear to work for most Utahns

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boredIn the last couple of articles I have been talking about fun (Fun and its Role in Happiness), challenging you to write a list of things you find to be fun and to differentiate whether they are a pleasure or something you find gratifying as differentiated by Martin Selgiman (Are We Having Fun Yet?). But in my personal experiences I propose that there is a third category of what people refer to as fun – that is things that are not fun at all, but simply numbing out or killing time. The intended purpose of this short series of articles is to invite you to examine what have you labled as “fun” or an activity that you “like”. Do you actively enjoy that activity? Does it make you laugh or warm your heart? Does it bring you some sort of pleasure or a sense of pride for reaching your goal or accomplishing a task? OR is what you’ve been calling “fun” simply killing time or numbing out? There are a couple of games I like to play on the computer. Or do I? As I have done my own introspection, I have discovered that Bejeweled Blitz is not “fun” per se. It is just a way I am killing time and/or zoning out. It is “down time”. What I find frustrating is that time slips by and the next thing I know an hour of my time has gone by and I did not really enjoy it or feel gratified by it. In fact, I found that my predominant feelings while playing the game are anxious and frustrated. So, why do I play it? Not because it is “fun” but because I am seeking downtime. Downtime is very important as part of Happiness. Unfortunately, because I have numbed out, I have not do not feel refreshed as I would if I had done something that was truly taking downtime. Instead, I have only succeeded in wasting an hour of my day.
Alcohol or drugs is something else to look at. Rather than going off on a rip about it, I challenge you to decide for yourself. Is it a pleasure, a gratification or are you just numbing out or killing time?
Have fun.
~Frank Clayton, LPC

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What does heaven look like on a daily basis?
Even if you are an atheist, I am sure you could conjure up an image of the here-after (upstairs, not downstairs).
No, really think about it.
We have lots of different areas here on earth. How would it be in heaven? Finances. School. Occupation. Relationships (family, friends, spouse). Sex. Body. Do you have a home? How do you travel from one place to another? Is there drugs in Heaven? How about wine? TV? Cell phones? What possessions would we have and what would we not? Food for thought. Which reminds me to ask: is there food in your version of heaven?
The question (“What does Heaven look like on a daily basis?”) was one I posed to the students of Happiness 101 class on Monday night. They spent several minutes writing down their answers. It helped them learn a great deal about themselves. Heaven, after all, is the ideal happy life, is it not?
It is so important that you write down YOUR answer to the question before reading on, that I am going to refrain from posting the rest of this article for two days. Please check back after you have written your answer.

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Dead happyOnce upon a time, I thought warnings on my prescription bottles were more of a “guideline” or a helpful suggestion. Then I took psychopharmacology in college and it REALLY scared me because I came to have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the deadly mixture of alcohol with drugs. It drastically magnifies the effects of the drug. Depending on the drug and the amount of alcohol consumed, the combination IS LETHAL! I am tempted to go off on a long rant about this, but I will spare you the lecture and sum it up concisely: MIXING ALCOHOL AND PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION CAN KILL YOU. PLEASE head the warning. Remember Heath Ledger.
If you want more information about exactly how this works, make a comment here
‘Nuff said

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