What does Heaven look like on a Daily Basis – Part II

The idea of Heaven is one of ideal Happiness – but what would that look like on a daily basis?

On December 9th I posted the question: What does Heaven look like on a daily basis?
If you have not yet read it, please stop and do so. I would invite you to thoroughly think about it and ideally even write about it before reading on.
Before addressing the question, let me first throw in a disclaimer: this discussion is not about religion. For most, Heaven represents the ideal life – the ultimate Happiness.
I cannot stress strongly enough, to please think about the question in terms of the DAY TO DAY life in Heaven. Assuming you believe in the concept of Heaven, your initial thoughts are probably of the grandeur of it all. But after you have been there for a while, what would your day to day experience be? Do you have a job? Do you learn new things? Is your family there? Do you have a home? For that matter, do you even have a body? How old would you be? Would you look like the day you died or would you look your ideal age? Is there money of some kind in your ideal Heaven?
Obviously the answer to these questions is highly subjective.
Many conceptualize Heaven as a place where there is no conflict. If, here on earth, cousin Suzie can’t stand Aunt Edith, does that conflict magically stop at the pearly gates? Does this mean that we no longer have true free will? Would we be so enamored by the luster and beauty that we would lose our desire to squabble? Think about it. Think about it all the way through. Most people envision being reunited with loved ones. Truly. If you argue and bicker at Thanksgiving, do you think it would be different in Heaven? If you envision it to be different, HOW would it be different?
The old saying, “Whereever you go, there you are” comes into play here. The average person here on earth complains 70 times a day. 80% of our daily thoughts are negative (45,000 of 60,000 thoughts per day) (Sonja Lybumirsky, The How of Happiness). If that is true here on earth, do you envision it magically different on the other side? If so, I invite you to speak or write the magic spell, such as, “In Heaven we have free will but when we are about to say something nasty, our mouth magically zips shut”. Does it ring true?
You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “heaven on earth”. I ask you the above questions in a hope that you will look at your life here on earth and start exercising your free will NOW to make your life happier here.

Part III coming soon


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