Positive #2: cancer free.

I am glad that today I do not have cancer. I am grateful that I need not make frequent doctor … More Positive #2: cancer free.

Positive #3: Suicide Prevention Week.

This is a week to remember those who have fallen to suicide. There are several programs this week to raise … More Positive #3: Suicide Prevention Week.

Positive #3: Broadview University.

They have agreed to host the upcoming class of Happiness 101. They have been very, very kind and hospitable. If … More Positive #3: Broadview University.

Positive #3: Daniel Nahmod’s song “Everything New”.

This song moves me every time I hear it. And I don’t play it lightly. I only play this song … More Positive #3: Daniel Nahmod’s song “Everything New”.

Positive #3: Sugar!

Once sugar was harder to get and more expensive. Now it is plentiful and sweetens my life and a daily … More Positive #3: Sugar!

Positive #2: I am grateful for things not going my way.

The few times my car wouldn’t start gave me the opportunity to be thankful for all the times it did. … More Positive #2: I am grateful for things not going my way.

Positive #1: Canasta.

Positive #1: Canasta. Last night I had the opportunity to get together with friends. Battle lines were drawn between boys … More Positive #1: Canasta.