Positive #5: The Physical Ability to Travel

Physical ability – one of the little things we take for granted?

Frequently when people are asked what would they like to do if they had more time and money, they frequently respond: “Travel”. So imagine that it is neither time nor money that is restricting you from travel but it is your physical body. A good friend of mine had heart surgery just over one year ago. He could travel in a car but had to sit in a seat that did not have an airbag – which meant sitting in the back. And until recently he was not allowed to fly. Tomorrow he is getting on a big fat jet to travel to the other side of the country. Today, I pause and give thanks that I have the physical capability to travel.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

Studies have shown that writing five positives per day can decrease depression. This is one of them. This is just one of the tidbits from (the free class), Happiness 101. For more positives, click here..

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