Positive #3: Positives Find a Permanent Home at SLMH

I am no longer keeping my positives journal to myself. I’m spreading them all over the internet.

Since I am the teacher of Happiness 101, I felt it important not just to talk the talk, but walk the walk. Therefore, I have been making a Happiness Habit of writing five positives per day. I do this because studies (Seligman, Emmons & McCoullough) show that making a habit of focusing on the positives can break the downward spiral of depression and/or help Happy people stay that way. Instead of keeping these positivity morsels to myself, I decided to start spreading them about the internet. I write one on my Happiness 101 Facebook Fan page (which results in a hit on my Twitter account), I write one on my regular Facebook page, and I write one here, on YouTube and on the Happiness 101 MeetUp.com page.

So, today’s SLMH Positive is my decision to share my positives with you here on the website. You will find positives that are inspirational, silly, random, informative and/or thought provoking. Sometimes I even take something that most people think of as a “bad thing” and see what positives I can glean from it. To start beefing up your positivity, read “Building Your Positive Muscles” and feel free to leave a comment, whether it be here, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or MeetUp. I always enjoy sharing the positives.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

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