Positive #1: Being known as the Happy Therapist

Being known as the Happy Therapist, in itself, is a positive thing

I feel so honored and grateful to be a therapist. People allow me to walk with them on their path for a time. I consider it a sacred thing. But not only am I known as a therapist, but along the way, because of my intense study of Positive Psychology and subsequently teaching Happiness 101, I have become known as “the Happy Therapist”. This is a super-sized honor (without the extra calories). I have a reputation for helping people struggling with depression to dig their way out and help happy people stay that way. There is also that sect in which most people exist: languishing – that is: simply existing or as Thoreau put it “Most men are living a life of quiet desperation.” To these people I enjoy being part of their Happiness wake-up call. I am so blessed.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

I post positives on MeetUp.com too. Why? Five positives are better than one – ‘a little something I discovered while teaching (the free class) Happiness 101. Click here for the full scoop.

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