Positive #1: Ready to Teach

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Tonight I went to my new teacher orientation at the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning program. I am VERY excited. It was great to meet the other teachers, who will be teaching a wide variety of classes including how to live green practically, private investigation (for non-professionals), aerial dancing, familial storytelling and flower arrangements. I will be teaching Help Yourself to Happiness. It will be an intense six week class beginning September 21st. To register, click here.

Oh, I also found out that as a teacher in the program, I can attend classes FREE! I am SO excited! My only “problem” will be figuring out which classes to take 🙂

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

Studies have shown that writing five positives per day can decrease depression. This is one of them. This is just one of the tidbits from (the free class), Happiness 101. For more positives, click here..

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