Positive 1

Lunch with a friend I don’t see often but our conversation is always lively and personal.

Positive 2

Got to hold that brand new baby, oh the feelings when you hold any baby especially one you have loved for months before she got here.

Positive 3

When I got home the dogs reaction to me and the “smell” of the baby on me. They seem so concerned. Like they know. I remember how Maddie my past hound dog would come up and cry loud cries after I would hold a baby. It is amazing the common threads among the living.

By: Kathie

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I really enjoyed the anticipation of seeing the movie. I told my wife I couldn’t remember the last time I was that excited about a movie. The movie’s content also sparked some great conversation between she and I. She pointed out that Batman’s true power is not in his money, his gadgets, his brains nor his brawn. His true strength his resiliency of spirit. I am also grateful that I chose to watch it at the midnight showing on opening day before……. ’nuff said. Oh! ‘Said conversation also lead to some realizations as to how positive psychology has effected my way of thinking. How cool is that?

Frank Clayton LPC

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Jonathan Glick brought gratitude stones to our party last night (the perfect thing to bring to a party of the Happy Therapist, right?). It sparked some great conversation and gave us more ways to recognize and be reminded of our blessings. Thanks Jonathan 🙂

~Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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