Positive #3: Ruth’s Diner

Today’s perfect moment brought to you via Ruth’s Diner

Okay, the only thing better than Ruth’s Diner, is Ruth’s Diner with great brunch conversation. I love the ambiance. It was a perfect weather day for Ruth’s. They have an extensive patio and often have live music (the Stoddard Brothers are rumored to be regulars there). Ruth’s even has nice shaded areas out front for waiting, but for a table of two there was no waiting at the moment. Sweet! I was very tempted to get the crab and avocado omelet again. It is SO good! But went with the breakfast burrito and was not disappointed. We talked about the Happiness 101 skydive next Saturday (August 28th), bungee jumping, great hiking spots and a new secret marketing device. Time flew, calories were consumed and new possibilities explored. I can’t think of a better cap to a great morning of hiking.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

This is just one of five positives I write every day. I used to only do three but in doing research for (the free class) Happiness 101, I discovered that studies show that writing FIVE positives every day helps (even more than three ) to increase one’s lasting happiness even more. To see the rest, click here.

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