Positive #5: Hiking With a Friend

‘Some of the research behind why hiking with a friend is good for your happiness

In the PBS special “This Emotional Life”, host Dan Gilbert said that IF there was one key to Happiness it would be social connection. This has been indicated not just by studies by by meta-analysis (which is a study of studies). In Sonja Lyubomirsky’s book, The How of Happiness she has “nurturing social relationships” as one of the Happiness Habits but also “social support” as one of the five HOWS of Happiness (you have a much better chance of succeeding in a lifestyle change if you have social support). In her book, Positivity, Barbara Fredrickson reports that studies have shown that spending time in nature can be one of the levers to raise positivity. So, I am excited about my opportunity to be firing on so many Happiness cylinders tomorrow as I go hiking tomorrow with a friend. It actually feels good right now just in looking forward to it – which I guess is employing another of Lyubomirsky’s Happiness Habits: Savoring Life’s Joys. That’s right – savoring can not only be savoring in the present moment but can also be relishing a memory from the past or envisioning good times in the future. See? There are many different ways to squeeze Happiness into your daily life.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

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