{Drawing and inking plus a new puppy on the way} (2/9/15)

positive #1,

i have been drawing like crazy i have 12 picture drawn and 10 inked in the course of 3 days ii have kinda brunt my arm out but i love seeing my new pictures i still need to find someone who can teach me how to ink i’m still just teaching myself how to do it it looks good but i always know i can be better.

positive #2,

so were i’m going for counseling is Sponsoring me to get a puppy, which they told me i pick the puppy and they will help me get him or her i’m so excited to have such good friends who can help me it that it has helped me get out of my funk i was in

positive #3,

i get to rearrange my room to have a puppy ugh it will be a lot of work but it will be so worth it plus its good to change things up in a place were i spend most of my days in i think i could be fun once i get my room done to hangout with my group play games and play with the puppy ahhhh i’m so hype

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