Positive Psychology giant, Dan Gilbert advises in his book, Stumbling On Happiness, that when when one is unsure of what to choose, one should call for reinforcements; advice from others! There are SO many amazing lectures to attend at the upcoming International Positive Psychology Association’s 3rd World Congress, I’m not sure which ones to pick! So, I am inviting YOU to look over the schedule and make your suggestions. Of course if I go to the lecture you suggest, I will be talking about it at the upcoming Cutting Edge of Happiness talk (Saturday, July 8th, 9am to 1pm – click here for more info). Just look over the program in these following three pictures and leave your comments below – or you can also E-mail me at frank@saltlakementalhealth.com

IPPA Friday


IPPA Saturday









Thanks for all your help!


Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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As I have mentioned before, I really like a game called Dominion. the more I play it, the more I discover that there are many different styles and strategies. I try this way and that way. I don’t give up easily on one strategy, I try and try to really give it a fair chance to see if it will pan out. Hey! I just realized that I am using the eight steps of Happiness to do this! I guess this positive psychology stuff is coming so naturally that I don’t even think about it any more. and HEY! That’s a sign that it’s become a habit! Wow! (I honestly didn’t intend for this to be a progress report when I started writing this short paragraph 🙂 )


Frank Clayton LPC

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