Positive #2: A Rainy Sunday

I SO enjoy rainy Sundays. ¬†‘Just taking it easy, with the windows wide open allowing the scent of rain to … More Positive #2: A Rainy Sunday

Positive #1: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Today there was a magical moment when suddenly I wanted a chocolate chip cookie and there it was! ¬†Unclaimed. ¬† … More Positive #1: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Positive #5: Banzai Burger

Went out to Red Robin tonight and indulged in a Banzai Burger. It is SO tasty. It has pineapple on … More Positive #5: Banzai Burger

The Happiness Diet

How would you like to enjoy your food much more while consuming far fewer calories?

Savoring: Black and White

Exercising the Happiness Habit of Savoring Life’s Joys with my cat.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Fun can be broken down into different categories. Read on to discern what kind of fun are you having and how can you get more mileage out of it.