In Barbara Fredrickson’s book, Positivity, she lists only a few Happiness Habits that Sonja Lyubomirsky does not: Find Nearby Nature. I have found this to be especially soothing and relaxing. Between clients I often take 10 minutes to go over, slip off my shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. There are two nice shade trees and even a picnic bench. I go there at least once every weekday and I have never seen anyone else there using it (besides birds). It is a wonderful haven and helps me to connect with Mother Earth.

Frank Clayton LPC

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Tonight’s thunder storm. I like to call thunder and lightening storms “God’s fireworks”. Free. Dazzling. Every seat is a good seat. Also an wonderful reminder of the amazing power of nature. I love the sound of fat drops hitting the roof. ‘Sitting outside, enjoying the smell of rain on the air. Rain also makes me think of mom and the best of times, curled into the drapes, listening to the rain on the patio’s tin roof. (blessed sigh)


Frank~The Happy Therapist

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Report from IPPA Conference, Day 3

Wow! What an absolutely amazing day! In case you’re just “tuning in”, today is day 3 of the 2nd Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association.
Here are the highlights:

  • Barbara Fredrickson (author of my #2 pick on Happiness, Positivity) talked about Love
  • Meeting Todd Kashdan and (what may be his last) talk at IPPA
  • Possible collaboration with positive psychologist and local, Lynn Johnson
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with a Positive Spin
  • Positive Computing
  • Meeting Jane McGonigal and using her on-line game to enhance Happiness 101
  • How much you think you can do something effects whether (and how hard) you try *
  • The use of strengths in therapy – the intermediate lesson *
  • Gala and the National Constitution Center *

* I will report on these tomorrow.

It was much cooler today. A blessing for my walk to my third download of information in the realm of positive psychology, a.k.a. Happiness! As I walked through City Hall in (literally) the heart of Philadelphia, I hummed a little tune. I was distracted by the richness and variety of the people as I walked. Per haps distracted enough by the suits, the homeless, the street venders, the skaters and the provocative dress, the song’s lyrics did not bubble to the surface until in the shadow of the Downtown Marriott. I murmured, “All you need is love. Bump-ba bump-ba bump. All you need is love. Bump-ba bump-ba bump. All you need is love, love – love is all you need.” As I realized I was humming a Beatles standard, I also realized that the topic of Barbara Fredrickson’s talk was “Love: A new lens on the science of thriving” Continue reading Report from IPPA Conference, Day 3

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Hiked Donut Falls. I was shocked at how much snow is still on the ground. It was great to get out and away for a couple of hours. The smell was incredible. In the city I always forget how the smell of nature feeds my soul. Temperatures were perfect. The best part was the company.

Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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