2/20/15 – Positives, Groomers, and Dinner with Mom

Positive 1 I think of positives always so I guess I won’t beat myself up for forgetting a few days … More 2/20/15 – Positives, Groomers, and Dinner with Mom

Positive #3: Saying “no” more easily.

Positive #3: Saying “no” more easily. I used to have a real problem saying “no”. I felt that it was … More Positive #3: Saying “no” more easily.

Be As Kind To Yourself As You Would a Stranger

Do you say or think things to yourself that you would never give yourself permission to say out loud to another person? Why?

The Key to Self-Esteem

In therapy, we talk a lot about positive affirmations. It is often use as a tool to replace negative beliefs. … More The Key to Self-Esteem

Take Responsibility For Your Happiness

A must for harnessing your Happiness is taking responsibility for it.

Diary of a Happy Therapist: I was Wrong and I am Hopeless

The Happy Therapist is a closet pessimist! Can this be?

Unresolved Grief Group

A group designed specifically for unresolved grief is now being offered in Salt Lake City.

I Apologize

I complained so here I make my apology by giving ten positives (one of them became quite a surprise).

Stuck at Work?

Think you can’t be happier at work? YES, you can. Join us for Happiness 101 to learn how FREE.


Forgiveness: What is it? What is it NOT? How, specifically do we forgive?