Positive 1

Oh that new baby is cute! Haven’t met her yet but the pics are adorable. She has so much hair.

Positive 2

I took back several things I had purchased that I decided I really didn’t want. I hemmed and hawed about it but I am glad I did.

Positive 3

I had a really fun visit with a client today.

By: Kathie

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Today I received the rest of the pictures from the January Happiness 101 class. It brought back a lot of great memories and now I get to post them too so we can share in the experience all over again. I feel truly blessed to have shared it with such an amazing group of people. Today I appreciate the person that E-mailed the pictures to me, the people in the pictures, the people not in the pictures and Facebook for giving me an easy way to share them.

Frank Clayton LPC

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My wonderful wife made Halloween so much more fun by playing the character of the Johnny Depp paparazzi. She took pictures, gave out candy and helped guessers – but the thing I appreciated about her the most was that she was just INTO it as much as I was. Thank you my loyal wife and paparazzi.


Frank~The Happy Therapist

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Report from IPPA Conference, Day 2

Day two of the 2nd Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association was simply amazing. ¬†I learned SO much! ¬†At one point I laughed to my friend “Teacher! ¬†My brain is full!” ¬†Here’s a report of the day’s events:

It began with Ed Deci speaking about self-determination and its relationship to positive psychology – in other words: the self-fulfilling prophecy. ¬†He showed scientific proof that believing that you are doomed and things will never get better can actually bring that about. ¬†Using a simple analogy (of my own), if one is drowning and they really don’t think anyone will come to rescue them, they can behave based on this belief by not paddling and dying before help could arrive. ¬†But Deci really wowed the crowd when he reported that studies repeatedly proved that external rewards kill off intrinsic motivation. ¬†For instance, when we try to control our children either by giving them a reward for doing well (the carrot) or punishing them when they do not do well (the stick), we inadvertently are hindering our child’s innate love of learning! ¬†You can bet I will be blogging more about this. Continue reading Report from IPPA Conference, Day 2

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